Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start?
After the umpteenth phone call from your neighbour regarding your dogs incessant barking, you call me to set up an appointment. I then visit you in your home and meet you and your dog/s.  This gives me a chance to assess your situation, see how you interact with your pet and discuss the finer details of where the wheels might be coming off.


How much does it cost?
My general fee is R800 for a 1 hour session plus R 4 per km from travel from Noordhoek.


Are you available for follow up consultations on the phone?
For sure!  Most dogs and their owners require only one face-to-face consult. It works well for both my clients and me to have follow-up contact done telephonically.


How long are the consultations?
1 hour to 1½ hours. Depending on how chatty we get about dogs. Please remember, dogs learn quickly, owners sometimes take a little longer.


How many sessions will we need?
Depending on the behavoiur problems we are working with, aggressive dogs and socialising aggressive dogs can be 3 to 4 sessions.


How long will it take to start working?
This will depend on your consistency and commitment to the program, but normally owners see an immediate change in their dog’s behaviour.


Will my dog be traumatized?
No way.  I don’t use prong collars, electric collars or any other cruel devices in my work. My approach calm at all times and need I mention again that I love dogs? I won’t shout at, nor handle your dog in a cruel or compromising way. There’s is no given or set method to resolve behaviour problems, there’s just you, your dog and how much you want this to work. I evaluate each dog on an individual basis and always recommend a program that is specific to your needs. 


Do you guarantee success?

As much as you can guarantee a successful diet or exercise program.  It’s all about sticking to it and being committed.  Please realize that your pets are animals, not automated beings; so as with everything that lives and breathes, nothing is guaranteed.


"If your dog doesn't like someone you probably shouldn't either." Unknown


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