My Approach

My approach is primarily one of recognizing the pack theory. This helps both you and your dog to acknowledge each family member’s specific position within the pack. It’s pretty much the key issue with owing a dog and in many ways I feel this is akin to familial relationships within a human family. In short, it really helps family members relate to their dogs and helps dogs to relate to their family members. 


How does it work? We aim to create new habits by providing relevant stimulus.  Sometimes you may not even know what the problem is with your dog - I’m there to help you narrow down the root cause of your dogs bad behaviour. 


Every owner needs to understand that there is no such thing as a bad dog, there’s mostly just an owner who doesn’t know any better.  For instance, you may think your pet is destructive when in actual fact he’s just bored.  You may think your pet is noisy, when in fact he just lacks stimulation.  Many dogs that I visit are raised in an urban environment. Their owners often poorly understand their need for stimulation and activity.  They’re often under-exposed to new and exciting experiences, which in turn leads to frustration and naughty behaviour.  Pretty much like humans I’d say!


I really can’t stress enough the importance of providing sufficient exercise for your dog.  Regardless of the size of your property, your dog will still need to be walked for a minimum of 20min, every day.  It’s really not just about burning off excess energy that your dog may have, it’s about giving them an opportunity to explore. 


To keep a dog in the same space without the opportunity to explore is like asking a human to stay in the same four walls 24/7. It’s boring, it’s tiresome and it’s un-inspiring. They very quickly become familiar with your garden and home, and for this reason they long for open spaces and a fresh perspective.


I specialize in excessive barking and dog aggression, specifically due to sibling rivalry.


"Peace, relaxation, trust, respect; that is my goal." - Cesar Millan


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