Client Gallery

Because of health issues Neville can't play or exercise for too long and is showing signs of aggression with certain dogs that are too in his face.

I did a session with Stella who was attacking her leg and sometimes this behaviour was happening while she was sleeping. I discussed with her vet as it felt more like a medical problem than a behavioural problem so she will be treated for seizures and we will see what happens.

Buddy and Spencer are both high energy bulldogs. Spencer jumps up hard on people when they walk in the front door and this can go on for a long time. They also fight with each other occasionally.

A neighbour has complained that Petra is barking but during our session she didn't make a noise at all and was really very well behaved. So she will be kept happily inside when she is alone.

Elvis and Marilyn have spent their first 7 years of their lives happily living with Marie the cat and when the family went away the dynamics changed and now Elvis is fighting with the cat.

Max was teased by guards when he was a puppy and he is now aggressive towards certain people. He had already been positively associated with a muzzle so we started working with him and one of the people he was scared of. He did really well. Because he is fear aggressive this will be a slow process.

Barking caused by fear whenever Sid sees a new larger dog.

New arrival puppy Shnauser has made Ellie very sad. She has completely changed and appeared depressed. Feedback from their mum is that she already seems happier.

Maddy is suffering from terrible seperation anxiety.

7 month old Petra won't walk further than 3 houses and then stops and will not walk any farther. We sorted this out. She also jumps up at people.

I had a session with gorgeous Georgie... Boerboel. Her mum Estelle is pregnant and wants to do everything correct with her new furkid.

Calm and rested after session.

What a pleasure doing a session with a problem free retriever pup! Wish everyone would do a sessio with there pooch when they get them, make life so much easier for all concerned!

As cute as Nunu is I was called in to sort out her aggression towards people!

Whose the pack leader now? Mornay with furkids Jack and Jill.

Coco chilling in her new home.

Aggressive Noopy getting socialised!

Just another client I have fallen in love with... Total fallen in love with today...9! Gosh I love my job!

Another gorgeous pooch, Mila, driving her neighbours barking mad and showing signs of aggression on the leash.

Dad Albert with fighting pooches Spike and Vlioo.

Another neighbour being driven barking mad by gorgeous Benjamin and lovely sweet Rosie.

Gigi and Giselle, sibling boxers taking time out at Proud Hound puppy daycare.

Gorgeous Eva and Joanie... Sorting out Joanie's socialising problems.

Gorgeous Nitro... I do have a huge love for a rotti

Gorgeous boerboel teenager Kira.

Would you believe these gorgeous pooches were driving there parents and neighbours barking mad????

Sandy wirh furkids.

Introduction of Leo, xamer and xosi to new cat Kia.

Douglas and spud playing.

Tracy with new AT adoptions, douglas and spud.

Happy family.

Mum Elmarie and furbrother Katazo.

Pack leader, Grant, with Doger, Jessie, Dixie, Cody and Domino.

Storm and Troy... As gorgeous as troy (black lab) looks, I was called in to sort out aggression problem. Never think just cos you buy a thoroughbreed lab you aint gonna have aggro problems. Adopt, don't shop.

Introducing retired labbies, jessie and Suki to their sister. Mina the cat.

Happy endings... Charlie and apollo happy together... Yay... Thanks Midge for being patient.

Peek a boo... Rishi!

All in their place!

3 little pugs sitting in a row.

The love of a pitbull.

Gorgeous Max and Suzy... Tired after session.

Is jenson in the dog box?

This gorgeous female pitbull was recently rescued by a very kind lady. Coco was in an awful state but after 3 months she is doing great. Lucky lucy have kindly agreed to take her in until a forever home is found. Please call me on 0798837566 to adopt her.

Dash with new mum, Inka. Soon he will be off to Germany.

Socialising at the glen.

Sasha and Jessie rottie and labbie. I have a huge soft spot for rotties. Sasha has been landscaping her dads garden, unfortunately he's not happy with the job and is doing what most dads do when disappointed! Shouting and punishing!!! The worse thing you can do to a dog. Just makes the problem worse.

Had a session with Mojo, Foxy, Angel, Lilly, Squirty. Lucy. What a gorgeous pack! And so well behaved.

I had a session with 2 escape artist Basenjis. Let's hope the session worked. Only time will tell.

Gorgeous rescue retriever Toby and rescue Lab Phoebie. Phoebie was jumping over the wall and escaping for a jol.

This awesome rescue boston terrier was not socialised as a pup so was aggressive with other dogs.

This was one of those sessions when I keep waiting for the badly behaved dog to walk in. Mum, Kristy has done an awesome job with Emmie and Miley,

How gorgeous are these fluff balls? Chows Rosa and Sara were aggressive towards new fursister, Bona.

Gorgeous ones Miggie and Bella. Miggie is fighting with fursister and toileting all over.

Poor Dad Don is having problems with Rocko (white Italian greyhound) with aggressiveness. He needs to be the pack leader!

Pretty girl Merlot who had a double hip op was showing signs of aggression with other pooches. Had a great session with her.

Gorgeous Jordi was unsocialised as a pup so was showing signs of aggression with other dogs.

Would you believe these 2 gorgeous ones, Cesc and Tot are fighting? This was a tough one as they have been fighting when no one is around and that's always a hard one to sort out

Gorgeous lab x Chelsea has been jumping over the wall. So mum Natasha got a friend for her, Molly Boerboel x. But still she was escaping!

Scoobie and Bonzi loving each other. Bonzi, gsd suffers from such bad separation anxiety that she not only destroys the window frames with her claws but broke a window.

Gorgeous spca boy may look like a sweety but he has badly bitten a few people.

Gorgeous Cowboy is aggressive with other dogs and fursister Maggy joins in.

Gorgeous Molly who is driving her neighbour barking mad..

Gorgeous pitbull x Lucy,...What can i say about this gem of a dog. she was showing aggression on the leash on walks and has separation anxiety

These 3 gorgeous ones, Bruiser, Coco and Dixie, had a hectic barking problem. Normally I find it easy to sort out, but not these little ones. Only time will tell.

Simba and Lala are driving there parents crazy jumping, digging, chewing and toileting in the house.

Rusco, gorgeous boxer, is driving his neighbour barking mad!

Gorgeous Boxer Benjy and JR Sophie are little angels in the home... BUT when Benjy goes out he shows signs of aggression towards other dogs. He has never been in a fight but scares others

Gorgeous Rupert is a rescue lab who is experiencing puppy hood at teenager years as he has been locked in a yard his first year. It is so important to handle a problem like this calmly. Ignore bad behaviour and reward calm behaviour with calm energy.

Gorgeous Nora, giant schnauzer, has been aggressive with other dogs for most of her 5 years.

How gorgeous are these 2 girls, Honey and Sunshine, pity they are fighting!

Dakota in the snow!

My baby LEAPS puppy, Emmy, with her little cousin and big brother - thanks for introducing us, Bernice - one big happy family now. So much of love. :-D

Bernice helped us with the do's and dont's when we go our first puppy, almost a year later and we now have our second puppy and definitely getting Bernice in soon to help with the new one! Here are the two of them!

Mia's first trip to the airport,with fur sister Lea. When she arrived they were at each others' throats, now it's just love :)

Bernice! Lea is doing so well. Although she's not relaxed enough yet to eat treats/play when I'm gone, she isn't wining/howling AT ALL, and settles in her crate quite quickly. Thank you!!!!

Mojo and Shumi needed help with walking, barking, digging and jumping. Plus their mum is having a baby and she wants to do everything correctly!

What a pleasure meeting the gorgeous but destructive Roxy. I hope her mum gets a friend for her soon.

Gorgeous Daxies Nero and chloe. Nero is suffering from separation anxiety and trying to break out of the property.

Gorgeous Nightshade who was found at 3 weeks needs to learn not to jump and general behaviour.

Bella the gorgeous shnauzer is driving her new neighbours barking mad!

Its Jack Russel separation anxiety day. This gorgeous girl, Kayla is barking and crying terribly when her mum goes out. Separation anxiety is the hardest behaviour problem to sort out and takes a lot of patience and commitment.

I did a session with these 2 gorgeous ones about 6 months ago when Dakota, the husky arrived on the scene. Biscuit, the daschundt was very aggressive with him. Look how happy they are together!

Bella (staffy) and Tessa (pit bull x) have just turned 2 and have started fighting. Both were unsterilised. I cannot stress enough how important it is to sterilise both sexes before they 6 months to prevent fighting.

Spud is an Irish Terrier x... As gorgeous as he is he is showing signs of aggression towards people.

Poor 5 month old Waldo is in his third home. He suffers from terrible separation anxiety. Not an easy problem to sort out.

Gorgeous Monty and Nushka need a bit of help with recall. Nushka is a new rescue.

Beautiful Frankie has a new fursister who has started crawling which is making Frankie agitated.

Tammy has only ever lived on the end of a lead tied up outside used as a breeding machine. Here with new foster brother Max. Poor Max just wants to play but Tammy still recovering.

Ramone with parents. Who would guess he's a wheel chaser! Any wheels attached to anything!

I did a second session with barking Harry and gorgeous fursister Tzipi.

I did a session with Debbie and her gorgeous pack of 3... Chester the lab and sheba and Bella. Bella was destructive and needed to get walked more. Siblings Kenzo and Mitsu are driving their neighbours barking mad and they are pulling on their leash. Joey and Kiki Pekingese pooches. Another pair of barking siblings. Also driving their neighbours barking mad! Gorgeous Pippin (schnauzer x Jack Russel) was suffering from terrible separation anxiety and walked badly with mum on leash. Sibling Jack Russels Molly and Odie had run ins with the family cats.
I did a session with 2 x daxies Ally, Jacky and rescue Lalie who were walking badly, barking and fighting. Yorkie Gizmo and Jack Russell Sophie were hectic on walks. Pulling and barking at other dogs. They also jumped up on people. Rocky and Rambo are moving into an apartment so they need to be crate trained for night time. Gorgeous Kumba has recently been rehomed and is a very fearful dog. She is petrified of a leash and collar. Mika the staffie is jumping up on people and Joe the Jack Russel is aggressive on walks.
Little 4 month old Dolly the Boston Terrier was showing signs of aggression with other puppies in her puppy class. We had a great socialising session at De Waal Park. I did a session with Lilly and Joe. They were barkers and Lilly was a jumper. Also recall with Lilly when squirrels were around was not great. Some more socialising with Conner who is coming on great with smaller dogs. Still has an issue with bigger dogs. Luna the German Shepherd had very or no recall when squirrels were around. Large pack of dogs and cats all living harmoniously and then you get a neighbour who starts complaining about them barking! And these dogs are really not barkers. Doorbells go...people pop in and the dogs are quiet. Occasionally a little bark while playing. Or a quick bark when someone walks outside! But a well behaved pack! A little bit of jumping up.
Bentley with his new furgirlfriend chelsea. Gorgeous rescue Roxy with Daxie Josie 2 months after we did introduction. Mika and rescue Bronski 2 months together and so happy. It really makes a difference doing an introduction correctly. Fursisters May and Kali Weimaraners are fighting. Guiness the scottie is barking at the domestic worker non stop.
I had a session with Baxter and his fursister Lola, they have been pulling on the leash on walks. Jack the Jack Russel has started toileting indoors since his furbrother Teddy the Bouvier starting producing testosterone at 6 months old. Teddy is also fear aggressive. Bandit the Border Collie was chasing cars and was fear aggressive with people. The introduction between Shaka and Demi went very well. Shaka's family are moving to Johannesburg but Shaka is petrified of thunderstorms, so they decided to re-home him. Follow up from Jack Sparrow's mum...All going well with Jack and his new furbrothers, Stertjie and Milo. I did a session last week Monday after a bad introduction the day before.
I did a session with Italian Greyhounds Tommy, Dante and Penny. Mum Adele wants to get another rescue. She adopted Penny, the gorgeous one in her arms, in horrific condition! She went through major surgery to fix her leg. We just did a general session and advice on whether to get another one. I said yes of course!!! I did a session a week ago with Kyra who had become cat aggressive. Ella and Eyona were jumping up on people and their mum was worried they were fighting. A socializing session with new rescue Monty. It went well except when an un-neutered male arrived, I do wish everyone would sterilize their pets! Another Yorkie puppy Zack was not being accepted by older Yorkie Yanez, and Yanez was being aggressive towards Zack.
I did a second session with lab Rufus who is food aggressive. I did a session with this awesome group of pooches at daycare who were driving their neighbours barking mad. We did a socialising session with Hiro who is aggressive with some dogs. Jack Russells Toby and Duke were pulling on walks and Duke was fear aggressive. I did a session with two of my favourite doggy angels Tori and Paul, who have four rescues...Benny, Princess, Max and Suzy.
Introduction of new puppy Swiss Shepherd to the rest of the pack of 3 rotties and 1 Swiss Shepherd did not go well so I went in to do the introduction. 5 dogs and 1 pig... unfortunately they are not happy together and are fighting. Hopefully it will all work out soon. These 2 gorgeous ones are immigrating to Australia at the end of the year. Babette, a maltese x daxie, is not good with recall and is not great with some dogs. Little Gabriel, a Daxie, is a good little boy. He used to be a barker until he moved to a home with a great view. I did a session with Buddy about 4 years ago when he was a puppy. Richard then adopted Honey, the Pitbul, from me and the first weekend she arrived at her new home she had a terrible diabetic reaction. Most people would have sent her back but Richard worked through it and got her levels under control. She has to have an injection everyday. About a year ago she became epileptic. Today Richard got me in to help with her toileting indoors. Italian Greyhounds Mycka and Montana and new friend Yorkie are toileting indoors and barking. Mycka is also a very nervous girl and gets fear aggressive with others on walks. Montana and Bently, the yorkie, bark at all the dogs they meet.
Mishka & Manu Rescue Dogs Buddy Kai
Taylor is a fear aggressive dog who lunges and bites random people. She was doing very well with a muzzle on as everyone was nice and calm 5 years ago I did a session with these 2 gorgeous furkids. It was just a general session. After a stressful move and renovations Mishka and Manu have started fighting.

What a gorgeous pack of rescue dogs. Crowley has started being nervous around children so we have muzzled him for the training. He will be muzzled while doing work whenever a child is around until we are sure he is ok for a while.

Buddy is very aggressive with other dogs. We did a session getting them all to walk nicely and calmly. Kai the Rottie is fighting with collie x Jack since the new puppy arrived on the scene.
Schnauzer Daxie Border Collie Siblings Toffee and Daxie
Neighbours are complaining that these 4 schnauzers are driving them barking mad. New rescue large Daxie is aggressive towards new people.

Recently adopted border collie x Hamish is showing signs of aggression towards certain people.

Would you believe these 2 gorgeous ones are fighting. They are both girls which is always a hard one to sort out and everyone needs to follow a strict program. Sibling rivalry is a common behaviour expecially between same sex siblings.
This is my third session with Toffee the larger Daxie. He was very aggressive on my first session but with a great owner who has put in a lot of effort he has improved drastically.
Debbie and Lucky Charlotte and Monty Charlotte and Monty Bella Furkids
Another sibling rivalry session between Debbie and Lucky. They have moved down from Ruwanda and occasionally have fights. We also did some recall work. Introduction of Charlotte to Boxer Monty went very well. Poor Montys friend passed away 2 weeks ago and he has been very lonely. R.I.P Lucy...

Pack of 6 dogs and the 2 girls are fighting. The only problem is that there are triggers from outside and no one is home when it happens. These cases are very hard to sort out and I suggested rehoming one of them. Thankfully there were a couple of options and she is going to a family member. Always very sad after a session like this.

Little Bella is a resource guarder and there is a little 2 year old running around. So we are getting her used to a muzzle and a crate so that no one gets hurt in the process. Another lot of furkids fighting with each other and having to go to the vet. Seeing a lot of this lately.
Jess and Gus Crank and Ava Pippin Jessie Jessie
Jess and Gus were getting into a hectic play zone. They also were pulling on a lead and jumping up at people. Sibling rivalry can be quite a tough behaviour problem to sort out as the owners need to change how they are with the dogs. These 2 gorgeous furkids... male Crank and female Ava have had 2 fights. One was bad and Ava landed up at the vet. Pippin male rescue is being aggressive with people. We also did some recall work with the 3 of them and fitted Pippin with a muzzle. Now we can work with him with people around and not worry about him biting anyone. Jessie the Retriever is being aggressive with smaller dogs on walks. Also pulling on the lead and not great with recall. Pack of rescue dogs are toileting indoors and the little ones are picking on old man Drago chow x.
Jess and Gus Jem Jessie & Bailey Jessie & Bailey Jessie
Introduction of resident dogs to new kitten had been a nightmare when they first got him. When we did an introduction it went very well. Always better to do it properly from the beginning. Jem needed a bit of socialising with other larger dogs as her fear of them was making her bark at them when they walked past. She did very well and got a bit of horse socialising in as well. Jessie and Bailey were jumping up at people and Jessie the older Staffordshire was pulling on the leash. Cassie, Lulu and April were fighting with each other. Always harder to sort out females fighting. Coco was Barking and jumping up at visitors and making life very hard for everyone. Message from her mum Di after session...I am stil gobsmacked! 4 more teachers arrived we followed all instructions and it was unbelievable! U are phenominal . . .a ROCK STAR So grateful! Kiss kiss x
Jess and Gus Themba Jack Russel Females Harly Jack Russels

I did a session with Suki 2 months ago when she was rehomed with 2 cats as she was chasing the cats. Today we did a socialising session and Suki did very well.

Socialising session with Themba went very well. We need to teach her how to say hello to other dogs. The girls in this pack of 5 Jack Russell are fighting. Fighting amongst females is not that easy to sort our so the humans have to be consistent with following a program. They are also jumping up and Barking at guests. Harly was saved from being put to sleep and the first couple of days there has been quite a bit of friction between the 3. They have settled down nicely. I did a session with these 4 furkids about 3 years ago when the 2 male Jack Russels were fighting. They have been fine since then but had a fight last week. They also needed some help with walking as they were pulling and barking.
Alfie Dutchess Tori & Coco Lorenzo Angus

Newly adopted Alfie just needed a general session. Jumping up at people... Barking and seperation anxiety.

Rescue rotti Dutchess is aggressive towards other dogs. This will he a slow process and there is a good chance we will just teach Martin how to manage him. Beagles Tori and Coco are hectic when the front door goes and Tori is nipping people on walks too. Lorenzo is dog aggressive with certain dogs and reactive to teenagers. Angus the border collie is nipping people on walks. How gorgeous are his furbrother and sister.
Barking Dogs Rosie Pepper & Salt Puppy Session Moving Home

These gorgeous dogs have just moved to Cape Town and were barking. Also Drey is fear aggressive and cannot walk on a leash. We needed to sort their problem behaviour out inside before we can do a session outside.

Rescue Rosie needed a bit of help with cat chasing and jumping up at people and begging. Introduction of new puppy to unsocialised great dane Blue. All went very well. Just a general puppy session with Pepper and Salt. Toilet training and recall. Love my puppy sessions. Moving home has unsettled the furkids and the neighbour has complained about the barking.
Jack & Cooper Harry Harry Chap  Trixie Harry

Jack and Cooper are fighting badly. They are both males of similar ages. Sibling rivalry.

Harry is toileting indoors and jumping up at people and biting their feet. Frenchies Coco and Gaby were suffering from seperation anxiety. Chap and Trixie are both scared of getting into the bakkie and also of walking with a leash. This is going to be a slow process and we need to positively associate these things with them before I take them off the property. Dexter the Shepherd is suffering from seperation anxiety and barking and being destructive.
Molly Milly Ridgeback Ridgeback Jack Russel Ike

Second  session with Molly to get her Chicken and horse friendly went very well.  

Year old Milly is jumping up at people and pulling on the lead. Also going for Hilux her furbrother at the gate when dogs walk past. Duke the Ridgeback is aggressive towards women coming into the property and he is teaching his bad habits to his fursister. Introduction of unsocialised 9 year old to boxer went very well. I used a muzzle just to be safe. Session with Jack Russell Ike who is aggressive with people when they leave the property and is hectic on walks when he sees other dogs. His border collie fursister has started to do exactly the same so they must be walked separately until they are fine on their own. Issy the female Jack Russell is great
Buddy Retriever Milly Milly Milly Milly

Buddy the retriever is petrified of going in the car and of his leash. I have seen a lot of retrievers lately who have the same problem and it really is not that easy to sort out. Definitely no quick fix.

Recently adopted rescues tonto and Biko were so well behaved. All my clients were rescues yesterday and it made me so happy. Adopt don't shop. Just a general puppy session. Second session with dog aggressive Diesel introduction to new puppy Retriever. Not going to be a quick fix. Will take patience and time and a lot of love. German Visla Odin has just emigrated with his sister German short haired pointer Ripley from Australia and is now suffering from terrible separation anxiety and driving his neighbours Barking mad. Rosie and Goldie are using their home as a toilet.
Buddy Retriever Boxer Vegas Chuck & Penny Mishka York

Second session with retriever Buddy who is petrified of stairs and the car. Am seeing a lot of retrievers with this problem lately.

Boxer Vegas and mixed rescue Bruno have started fighting.  Unfortunately the other dogs are joining in. 

Bulldogs Chuck and penny are jumping up on people and are hectic on walks. I did a session 7 years ago when Mishka was bullying her brother. He has sadly passed away and now her new beagle brother Shane is bullying her. He is also jumping up on people and acting like a typical teenager. York the older bulldog is great with his new fursister Ro but is aggressive with certain resources with his humans.
Duke Toby and Tendai Tyson Tyson Twiggy and Sydney

As cute as Duke is he a aggressive with children.

Toby and Tendai are fighting with each other. Also Barking a little and jumping up at people.

Tyson the border collie is unsterilised and because of this is marking all over. Plus Nemo the pitbul is just finished being on heat and has become a little aggressive. Definately need to sterilise both asap. Griekie and Saartjie needed a little bit of helping with jumping up at people. Toileting indoors and just general behaviour with each other. Twiggy and Sydney are both females and are fighting. I see a lot of these cases and they take a lot of work from their humans to correct it.
Flo Blake Whizzle Zulu

Gorgeous Flo is a nightmare on her lead. She jumps up at you while she is walking and bites her lead and goes for the prams wheels. She really responded well to her new harness and was walking beautifully very quickly.

The naughty one on the right was needing a bit of help today. Jumping up at people and running out of the property whenever he got a chance.

Not an easy session with fear aggressive Blake. It will take a lot of work and a lot of love and patience to get him feeling less fearful. Gorgeous Whizzle is pulling on lead and jumping up at people and not good on recall. Also getting him used to resident cats. Just a general session with gorgeous boerbul Zulu and beagle. Zulu was pulling on lead and after being fitted with a halti was walking like an angel.
Prince Georgeous Boy Max and Missy George Diago

8 month old yorkie Prince was 4 months old when he was bought and he was already a fearful dog. The session was to help his Barking at visitors and introduction to the resident cat

I feel in love with this gorgeous boy and think he fell in love with me too. Positively associated the muzzle with him and went for a walk in the greenbelt. He is slightly dog aggressive.

Max and Missy were pulling on their leads and Max was reactive to other dogs. Introduction between dog and cat can sometimes take a good couple of months especially if the cat doesn't accept the dog so this is a process that needs time and patience. This session however went very well and George was thankfully more interested in the yummy treats we were giving him.

Muzzle training so that we can introduce Diago to his new Daxie.  Diago is dog aggressive so we need to do an introduction responsibly and make sure no one gets hurt.

Prince Prince Prince Prince Prince

Storm is getting a bit aggressive and protective towards his mum.

Coco has just moved and is suffering from separation anxiety.

Fearful Brixton is Barking and appearing aggressive towards certain people on walks.  We also did some recall work with him.

Gizmo is having a couple of issues with his new human sister crawling around. Jack Russell is fighting with his 8 month old fursister mabel. Mabel is also pulling on the lead.
Prince Prince Prince jessica Prince

Suiker is also having issues with new human sister. He is quite a fearful dog.

Sibling rivalry between Toby and Cupcake.

Ben is driving his family Barking mad whenever people come over.

3 legged Jessica is dog and human aggressive. I positively associated her with a muzzle. She is going for her new furbrother Benny whenever he comes near her resources. Both furkids are pulling on leash and Benjy the brown gorgeous one who just happens to have been one of your fosters 3 years ago has started showing signs of aggression with a couple of dogs.
Bijou & Benjy Tinkerbell & Pepper Hunter Zambi

These gorgeous fluffies Bijou and Benjy. Benjy was hectic on walks and attacking his leash. He did very well.

Females Tinkerbell and Pepper are fighting.

Hunter is suffering from separation anxiety and also fear aggression. A slow process with a lot of love and patience required.

8 month old Zambi is being very destructive due to separation anxiety and teething. These 2 females have started fighting. The hardest sibling rivalry to sort out is between 2 females.
Toby Winnie Sydney Annie & Jessie

I did a session with Toby 3 years ago for fear aggression. Today's session was because both he and Abby were Barking.

Recently rescued and new parents want to make sure that they do everything correct before problems occur. Love owners like this.

Winnie is a barker. We also did some recall work with her.

Sydney the Spaniel is making a lot of noise to get attention from people. 

Annie and Jessie had a terrible fight last week.  Also Annie Jumps up at people and is very nippy when she plays with people
Lady Liberace Ziggy Prince Prince

Lady Dane is suffering from terrible separation anxiety.

1 year old miniature poodle Liberace is being destructive and barking. 

New arrival of  4 month old Ziggy has upset the cats a bit. Just a general session with this very quickly learner went well. 

Working on recall with these 3 rescues.  Recall is the most important training to do with your dog so that you can get call them  out of dangerous situations.  I prefer whistle training when one has more than one dog. 


New arrival Doberman has caused a change in dynamics and there is now some aggression towards other dogs. Also some leash work to stop him pulling and house training.
Lady Lady Lady Lady Lady

Poor Lexi has been in about 4 different homes but now she has landed with the most amazing person who wants to work with her. I fitted her with a non pull harness and feedback is that she's getting much better and not lunging at people and other dogs as much.

These gorgeous furkids are driving mum Barking mad. Also Jumping up at everyone.

Fighting between these 2 has just started getting bad. We fitted Bear with a muzzle to make sure he didn't hurt his fursister while reintroducing them.

Fighting between the 2 males has started getting worse. They need to walk more too.

Muzzle training with Luka the Labradoodle as he has started nipping certain people.
Lady Aston Luka Lady Ziggy

Introduction between dog aggressive Emma and her 2 fursisters with new dog Emma. Going to be a couple of days of work to get them all ok.

Gorgeous Aston had a hard start to his life with tick bite fever when he was dropped off by what appears to be back yard breeders and then he had to have his femur head removed at 6 months. Thank goodness he was in the home he was as he goes for Hydro virtually daily now. The session was for his jumping up at people. For an 8 month old he was really very clever.

Second session with Luka who was nipping certain people went very well. Because his mum has put effort into getting him sorted he is so much better and we had no incidence.

Muzzle training with the Pitbul and Jack Russell so that we can do a safe introduction as the last one was done without and didn't go well. The owners of the dogs were told it would never work. On Friday we will do an introduction once the dogs are used to their muzzles.

New arrival puppy is getting on well with resident staffie Ziggy. Their parents were worried that the interactions were too hectic but all was good.
Boston Terrier and pug Chihuahuas Daxie Puppy Labradoodle Harvy

Parents are concerned that the play of Boston terrier and pug is too hectic.

With the arrival of a baby in the next couple of months these 2 anxious Chihuahuas need some help. They bark a lot and are quite nippy.

New arrival Daxie x has separation anxiety and he's is barking.

Puppy Labradoodle is nipping at the kids in excitement and jumping up at them.

Harvy the Spaniel is fearful and barks and tries to nip certain people. He also pulls on the lead.
Laika Moon

Laika is jumping up at people and pulling on the lead.

Mum is having a human baby and wants to make sure they do everything correctly.

Sibling rivalry between large boy Hunter and his 2 small sisters. Also some separation anxiety.

Parents are concerned that these 2 are being aggressive but they are just playing.

Little Moon Is fear aggressive and suffers from separation anxiety.

Little Chancey is jumping up at people and being destructive.

This gorgeous girl is pulling on the leash. She also wants a friend to play with.

Sibling rivalry between large boy. Unfortunately play has turned to some aggressive situations so we did some muzzle training.

New arrival is a very fearful dog and we need to show both dog and child how to live happily together.

Unfortunately this gorgeous American staffie is a yard dog so when he gets to see any humans he is so excited and jumps and nips to get as much attention as possible. It's so important to make ones dogs part of the family so they learn to get on calmly with everyone.

Fighting between the 2 females is getting really bad. This is always a hard one to sort out.

Little Lulu has recently lost her friend and has moved from a house to an apartment and is now sufferingfrom separation anxiety and barking when left on her own.

These 2 gorgeous furkids used to live on their own but now live together and their mum was worried about them fighting.

The arrival of a new human baby has made new mum a little nervous about the interactions between the dogs and child.

New arrival milo the dapple daxie is suffering from separation anxiety and barking.

With the arrival of new baby girl this gorgeous boy just wants to lick her all over.

This gorgeous Rescue girl is very protective over her new mummy and a little scared of men.

I haven't done a session with a Shiba in a long time. This was just a general puppy session.

A new addition to her family. A kitten. So we going to start getting these 2 walking nicely and Bella the maltese x muzzle trained as has already shown way too much interest in the cat as far as wanting to eat her. Next session we will do the Introduction.

The 2 male poodles are fighting about 6 times a day. It doesn't help that the little 2 year old is unneutered. Just had an update and all going well.

Second session with pretty girl Snowy as she is guarding her new mummy when the one son comes into the room.

Second session introducing Bella the maltese x to Raglan the crazy kitten who thinks he's a dog. He and Reuben play amazingly. I haven't seen such amazing dog and cat play for a long time. Unfortunately Bella has a high prey drive. Thank goodness their mum is prepared to put the effort in but this may take a while.

Session with newly fostered Marly of 1 week. She has separation anxiety. Otherwise is the perfect and friend to Harry. At the end of the session Marlys new mum said she wanted to adopt Marly so yayyyy for foster failures. This is the only time when the word failure is a compliment.

I did a second session with Chancey to introduce her to new friend Ty the yorkie x. All went very well.

Just a general session as mum wanted to get her furkids to listen better.


Session with Jack Russels for their separation anxiety and also to get them walking better.

After a good couple of years one of these gorgeous boys have started destroying things.

New arrival pug is having a hard time with new fursister jack russel and she is attacking him.

Marking certain spots in the new home from dogs that were outside dogs and getting the dogs not to chase the cats. Also needing to socialise them.

Charlie the yorkie is driving the family Barking mad.


I did a session to go through everything so that when Mendy arrived everyone would be doing everything correctly. I showed them how to crate train Mendy so that he could sleep in the bedroom at night and avoid toileting in the incorrect place. Always a good idea to crate train a dog with only positive reinforcements so that the crate is always a good place and never used to punish your dogs.

Separation anxiety and getting pretty jack russel muzzle trained so that we can do a session socialising as she is dog aggressive.

Introduction to new family member Boxer to the resident cats and dog went well.

Bad human aggression of male Peke. This will not be a quick fix and will need work and owners need to be consistent.

Introduction on new puppy Sam to Ruby who is a rescue Ridgeback went very well.

Snowy Judd Snowy

Male pug Franky is marking in the house and barking at everything outside which is mainly caused by not being allowed inside so he cannot smell that the house is his home but rather his toilet area. He is also a very anxious dog who needs more exercise and positive reinforcements as opposed to any negative attention.

Recently adopted 10 year old Jack Russel appears to have not had much socialising with other dogs. We will muzzle train him as he was quite reactive with certain dogs out on a walk.

Judd is suffering from terrible anxiety and is mainly an outside dog which isn't helping as he is scared of sounds and shapes so allowing them to he inside especially at night and spend more time with the humans is important. We also muzzle trained him as he is fear aggressive with dogs and humans.

These 2 furkids have fought so badly when owners aren't home which makes it hard to know what the triggers are so while owners are out they have to be separated preferably inside with a security gate between each section so that they can still see each other as Toni the female is also an anxious escape artist.

Indi is now a teenager and is getting to that difficult age. She is jumping up at people and mouthing them too hard.

Snowy Judd

Just a general session on how to train new puppies Lilly and Xena. Not recommend to get 2 litter mates.

4 year old golden retriever Bella is super anxious and is absolutely petrified with new 6 month old kitten. I am seeing a lot of very anxious skitty retrievers lately. This is a very slow process.

4 year old doberman has been a little unpredictable with certain people so we are muzzle training so that we can responsibly work with him with people around. He showed no signs of aggression at all when we did the session.

Harvey is driving his mum barking mad and she's having a baby soon. He also pulls on the lead.

Butch and Lola are fighting and it's getting worse. They are litter mates. Here's another reason not to get litter mates or puppies the same age. Butch is also jumping up at people and stealing food off the counter

8 month old siblings Cooper and Charlie are being destructive. And Cooper is reactive to certain dogs.

Just a general session for teenager shnausers who are barking and jumping up at people and toileting inside.

Hopefully we have a happy family today after 2 fursisters Poppy and Cassy had started fighting. I see a lot of sibling rivalry and in order for this to work the humans have to be consistent with a program i set them and even then it may not work.

An almost perfect furfamily except one or two of these gorgeous ones are toiketing indoors.

These 2 gorgeous ones are moving to Switzerland so they have to be extremely well behaved. Also crate trained for travel so that they are happy on the trip.

Gorgeous Mojo is not great with dogs in his home. And he would love a friend so we need to do some work with him and some of my furkids.

Cody is a recently adopted boy who is nipping strangers who come to visit.

Ziggy is a recently adopted gorgeous boy who needed a general behaviour session and a lot of recall work. The recall outside did not go very well and will take some time to perfect as be looses all hearing when she is out and about.

Little Jack is a very anxious boy and is whining and barking a lot.

This poor boy has recently lost his fursister and is suffering from severe separation anxiety.

Zorro is great with people but not good with other dogs and he is having 2 house furguests arriving soon so muzzle trained him for the up coming introduction.

We think the 2 females are fighting but are not sure as it happened when the owners are out. This is not an easy one to sort out as we don't know what the triggers are.

Max the German shephard has a couple of things that he is doing that worry his owners.

Remus 8 month old German Shepherd jumps up at people, is destructive and is pulling on the lead.

These 2 daxies are suffering from separation anxiety and also barking at other dogs on walks.

Walking has become quite difficult as this English bulldog has become a little dominant.

These 2 are managing to escape from their property and the Retriever is suffering from separation anxiety.

Pretty Abby is nippy with children so we muzzle trained her and had some little kids over. She did very well.

As easy as this gorgeous rescue Jack Russell is at home he is not getting on with other dogs outside of the house so we did a session to positively associate a muzzle with him.

New baby has arrived in the scene and Eli is not sure how to behave with him. He is doing very well since the session.

Cleo is suffering from separation anxiety and driving the neighbours barking mad. She is an only dog and lonely during the day when her humans go to work.

Resource guarding is not an easy behaviour problem to sort out and we need all the humans on board.

Introduction of new puppy to aggressive older Jack Russell went very well. We muzzle her to avoid any injuries.

Maia the chihuahua has sleep aggression which is surprisingly quite a common problem. And here the saying let sleeping dogs lie is my preferred solution. We got her a really nice crate which she can sleep in on the bed with her fursister but she will not be able to go for anyone.

I did a session 2 weeks ago to introduce the 3 Jack Russels as Zorro the older one was dog aggressive. This session was for barking.

Roc is a 6 month old German Shepherd x husky who is destructive which is possibly caused by teething and a little separation anxiety.

Jasper the boxer is dog aggressive so we spent time positively associating him with a muzzle which is going to take a while. I won't do a socialising session with a dog aggressive dog without them being muzzled as I wont take a chance another dog will get hurt in the process. Some dogs will never like other dogs so we need to learn to manage them. And always walk them with a muzzle on when in areas where there are off leash dogs. I fitted him with a Halti which helped with his pulling.

Sibling rivalry between the 3 girls. Also a little separation anxiety.

Very well behaved Rescue dogs. Just territorial issues and separation anxiety.

Socialising session with Sasha went very well with no signs of aggression at all.

Toilet training for year old Milo the yorkie.

Denver and dyana are suffering from separation anxiety and driving their neighbours Barking mad.

Ben is an awesome boy who is not getting on with everyone and needs to socialise more with people and dogs.

Harly the Ridgeback needs some socialising so we positively associated a muzzle with yummy treats so that the next session we can take him out with other dogs.

Pepper on the right is counter surfing and stealing food off the tables. What a clever girl.


Fighting between the 2 girls has started getting bad. The humans are going to have to follow a strict program as fighting bitches is very hard to sort out

Lefries is not interested in his new fursister lavinah and because he is a resource guarder and food aggressive needs to be managed.

Introduction of 8 month old boy who has spent his first 8 months of his life in a yard to resident female dog did not go well but the owner was so committed she sent them both off to Petiket doggy daycare where they were socialised and are now together.

Teddy is blind in the one eye and has become aggressive with strangers.

Fear aggressive Dora the German Viszla.

Getting these 2 cat friendly may be a slow process because the cat is very stressed.

This gorgeous boy border collie has recently had a crutiate knee operation and is only just getting back to normal. I fitted his sister with a Halti to stop her pulling.

Mum is having a baby soon so we need to sort out dogs jumping up at people and a couple more very minor problems.

Oscar has recently been rehomed and is toileting in the house.

New arrival Labradoodle puppy is very mouthy and hurting everyone when he goes through his manic hour. We also did a general puppy session.

Introduction of new puppy to resident cat went very well. Also a general puppy session.

After 3 years this gorgeous girl is suddenly fearful of the domestic lady who loves her.

Roxy is a very high energy girl who is leaving bruises on her humans when she plays.

I received a frantic call from Bella the bulldogs mum as she said Bella was attacking her. Thankfully it was just her trying to play hecticly. We decided to get a friend for her and the dynamics have changed completely and all is going very well.

Recently adopted 10 year old spaniel Lady pulls on the leash so we fitted her with a Halti.

Hugh is such an awesome boy but he is a bit territorial in the home. I will do another session next week with people coming into the home.

This gorgeous girl (light tan) Raeny spent the first year of her life in a kennel and has thankfully been adopted by an awesome family who are prepared to put the effort in. Both are digging and jumping up at people.

Bella and Milo are still toileting inside and Milo the pug jumps up at people and on the table to steal food.

The older of the 2 boxers is suffering from separation anxiety and barking when the humans go out.

The older 7 year old is fighting with the 7 month old girl and I have suggested rehoming as it is too far gone now. Very sad. Also because they are power breeds the damage is just too bad.

A general puppy session with these 2 cuties pies.

Boston terrier is toileting all over the home and barks non stop. He also jumps up at everyone. His mum is having a baby soon so we need to sort these issues out before baby arrives.

The 2 males have started fighting. Strict rules now in place. All going well since my visit.

Poor beagle has spent the first 2 years of her life having 4 operations to her elbow so has had to be contained. She now is pain aggressive. We fitted her with a muzzle so that we can see how she's doing once her family follow a program without anyone getting bitten.

A session for toilet training and jumping up at people.

New adopted daxie is settling down with her new family and her mum wanted to make sure there weren't going to be any problems.

Newly adopted gorgeous rescue Bella just needed a general puppy session.

Onyx is jumping up at people and nipping their ankles in play.

A session for aggression on walks. We positively associated a muzzle so that the training moving forward can be done responsibly.

New Rescue Great Dave is a very fearful girl and already has come a long way.

Barking dogs are driving mum barking mad. Also did a session for the jumping up and pulling on walks.

A little fear aggression at home and on walks. Also pulling on the lead.

Complaints from neighbours about the dogs barking which is caused by separation anxiety.

Fear aggression with strangers. I did suggest a muzzle but as in a lot of cases people see it as being cruel when meanwhile it's the kindest way to sort these problems out without getting your dog in trouble.

I did a session where the one dog is jumping over the fence and starting with other dogs and people. Hard one to sort out as we need to make sure she can't get out. We also got her walking calmly on a lead.

Fighting between the great Dane and Jack Russel.

Introduction to new Rescue who has spent his whole life in a shelter. He is 2. I did a session about 6 years ago with Orla when she was the new arrival. Session went well.

Occasional friction between the 2 youngest females.

Fighting brought on by rescuer guarding.

Very well socialised but reactive when she is with her dad. We also got her walking calmly on a lead.

Barking at all the dogs who walk past the property.

Recently adopted Doberman is fear aggressive so introduction to a reactive Jack Russel is not going to be easy and a lot of time needs to be put in. Both dogs were muzzle trained which we were thankful about as they did get into a fight but could not hurt each other. I also got Benjy the Doberman walking nicely on a lead.

The beginning of mild dog aggression since a move to a flat and to a new daycare.

These cutie pies are barking and jumping up at people.

These 2 little chihuahuas are barking at other dogs and because the one has a bad heart problem we have to handle this differently to usual.

Little Scottie Bonnie is very aggressive and territorial so we positively associated her with a muzzle.

Fighting has started between the 2 males. Also walking is a problem so we will address that at our next session.

I did a session with snowy about 4 years ago when he was fighting with his male friend. Now we need to sort out his fear aggression with people so we positively associated a muzzle so that he doesn't have to be locked away from people when the come over and we can do some work with him.

Zed has a very high prey drive and chases all animals on walks. We first need to him out when walking on a lead and then we can do a session when his recall has been perfected.

6 month old Drake just needed some recall training and how to stop him jumping up at people. So just a general session.

Separation anxiety and pulling on the lead. Also a bit of barking for attention. Otherwise 2 very happy staffies.

Just a general session with pretty Nancy for chasing cars and jumping up at people and recall.

Regular clients of mine but first time that I have met new arrival cute little Louis. Just a session to help wirh Phoebie barking.

Second session with Drake who is 6 months and just being a normal 6 month old boy. Jumping up was the main issue.

Juniper is jumping up at people... Pulling on walks and still toileting in the house during the night. She is such a gorgeous rescue.

Duke is a 2 year old who has learnt that certain behaviour gets him certain reactions from his mum and it is getting out of hand. He also needs more exercise.

These 2 gorgeous collies were driving their mum barking mad on walks. 


I did a session 4 months ago because Max was showing some weird behaviour. The family have worked through a program and the behaviour appears to be getting worse so we are putting him on medication for ocd.

Iris is fear aggressive and has lost the sight in her one eye. This will be a slow process as she is such an anxious girl.

Just an easy session with these 2 precious pretty ones who are chewing the kids toys and toileting indoors.

Gretal had a rough first couple of months in and out of the vet for a tail that should never have been docked and was done incorrectly by the breeder. She is OK now but has a couple of issues. She is quite mouthy and nippy with the family. We also got her walking nicely on the lead.

A bit of in house squabbling between Ori who is picking on the old girl retriever. Also a bit of general puppy training for new Yorkie.

Second session with Duke getting him to walk nicely on the lead.

Bently the male bulldog is extremely food aggressive with humans and dogs. We will start with the food aggression towards humans. It will be a slow process. And even when and if sorted won't mean that he will be ok with food aggression with other dogs.

3 year old Sasha has been through a very tough time in and out of hospital so she has missed our on some very inportant socialising skills. We fitted her with a muzzle so that walking is not so stressful anymore.

I did a session 6 years ago when Roxy the Boxer and Snowy the Maltese arrived on the scene. Unfortunately dynamics have changed in the house since the older calmer male Figo passed away 2 weeks ago and there have been some fights.

Bubbles has very bad separation anxiety and is barking. Separation anxiety is a hard problem to sort out and takes lots of love and patience and understanding especially from the neighbours.

Every couple of years I do a session with this awesome family who are always fostering and sometimes land up adopting a dog. Benjy is toileting in the house, pulling on the leash and fighting with the other male Balou.

Zoey the pretty Visxla has had 2 operations to remove blockages in her stomach so we muzzle trained her so that she can't eat everything. She hated the muzzle so it will be a slow process with her. One has to positively associate it.

Flynn and abi are barking and showing signs of aggression with people.

6 months old and really bad separation anxiety.

Bad fighting between these 2 girls and its getting worse and more often. Their mum is going to have to follow a very strict program.

Neighbours are complaining about the dogs barking. They need more exercise and to live inside.

This old boy is very aggressive on walks so we fitted him with a muzzle and will do a session again when he is happy with the muzzle.

At the same time every night Stella gets scared of sitting in the lounge with her dad. She's fine the rest of the time.

In a couple of months this pretty girl will be moving in with her mums daughter when she moves into a retirement home so we want to make the move as easy as possible for everyone.

Great second session with Sasha at Tokai forest socialising. She has been muzzle trained and now doesn't mind having a muzzle on and we can safely let her meet other dogs.

Introduction between Guy and the resident cat is going to be a slow process. It can take 6 months for a cat to accept a dog and as soon as the cat runs it becomes a game for a dog.

Axel is only 6 months and has terrible Seperation Anxiety. This is a slow process and a lot of the time herbal medication works well.

Marmite is a perfect dog except he pulls on a leash so we fitted him with a halti.

Brothers Jasper and Benny have started fighting badly. We fitted them with a muzzle and will reintroduce them slowly.

Second session with these 3 gorgeous ones to get them walking better and socialised with other dogs.

Sibling rivalry between the 2 females has started.

New arrival Maia suffers from terrible Seperation Anxiety. 

These gorgeous furkids are fearful of certain people and so they bark aggressively at them. 

Just a general session to get Sasa walking nicely on a leash and to get her to not jump up at people.

Just a general session with new puppy Snowy.

New arrival 5 month old German Shepherd was not being accepted by older female sibling but things have settled.

Rescue spaniels who really don't bark over the limit have a neighbour who is complaining about their barking.

Sibling rivalry between these 2 Jack Russels. The older male won't allow the younger female into certain areas.

These 2 male and female bull terriers have started fighting. We are going to slowly introduce them and only have them together under supervision.

A fear aggression towards ice cream men and pulling on the lead. He also pulls on the lead so I fitted him with a halti. This boy reminds me of my rescue rotti in so many ways. Isn't he gorgeous.

Socialising session with Willow went very well. She unfortunately missed out on the 2 to 4 month socialising period and now is not great when she meets up with new dogs and tends to bark at them.

2 year old weimeraner is suffering from terrible Seperation Anxiety even though he has his 3 dog friends with him. Fighting has started between the male and female. Once their wounds are healed they will slowly be reintroduced to each other.

Just a general puppy session with cute little Oreo.

This gorgeous Spaniel is a bad resource guarder and has bitten one of the children.

Thoren is a very anxious girl and is revving up her sister on walks. I also fitted her with a halti which she took to very quickly and has helped with the pulling on the lead.

Slightly aggressive towards strangers and children. New arrival puppy has caused a little chaos in the household. She suffers from Seperation Anxiety. Also fighting between the 3 dogs.

Slightly aggressive towards certain people and kids male shar pei. He is also displaying strange behaviour inside the house running and barking up at the ceiling.

Ice is an 8 month old German Shepherd x who is slightly dog aggressive. I fitted them both with a halti as they were pulling and we fitted ice with a muzzle so that we can do some socialising safely.

6 year old and unsocialised so owners want to try and make him more dog friendly. He is unneutered and only seems to have a problem with unneutered males which is quite a common problem and really hard to sort out. We muzzle trained him so that all interactions with other dogs can be managed responsibly. He gets on well with his furbrother Jack Russel.

Gorgeous Sprout is suffering from bad separation anxiety and the neighbours have started complaining. We also did some work with her to get her used to a halti to stop her pulling. 8 month old unneutered German Shepherd male siblings are barking and have started going for each other. Also pulling on the lead.

Another Spaniel who is a resource guarder and has started biting people when touched on certain parts of his body.

Slightly leash aggressive and a little unpredictable. Also some recall training so that they can both be off leash.

Willow is a 5 month old Golden Doodle who suffers from Seperation Anxiety. We also did some recall training with a whistle.

Lulu is a very friendly dog but can get a little crazy on her leash when she sees other dogs. She is great off leash. Resource guarding is a very hard behaviour problem to sort out. And Rolo has also started biting people when they touch him on certain areas. He is going for a check up to make sure he is not in pain.

Gorgeous Oscar is aggressive towards random people. I fitted him with a muzzle so that he can be off leash on walks and muzzled when new people arrive at the house.

8 month old Zeus gets so excited when people visit he nips at them.

Boston Terrier is fear aggressive and will bark and try and nip people.

Willow the greyhound x has started becoming aggressive in the park she plays in. Generally she is fine at other places. She has a high prey drive. Hugo is unpredictable with certain dogs and humans. He was already muzzle trained so will now always be muzzled and on a lead when walked and muzzled when people come over. It is the only way to responsibly sort out his aggression. With time and medication and following a program we will see how he does.

A session for these 2 gorgeous ones. They are jumping up at guests and the younger girl has fear issues. Scared of the vacuum, the noise her food bowl makes when moving, sometimes other dogs.

2 year old and unneutered and having a problem with male dogs. Also jumping up and barking at people and pulling on the lead. But oh what a loving boy he is.

Little Sumo is an anxious barker. He barks when he gets a fright and is disturbed.

Tessa is fine with most dogs but sometimes reacts aggressively when meeting certain dogs Tessa is fine with most dogs but sometimes reacts aggressively when meeting certain dogs. Stitch the younger of the 2 Jack Russels is toileting indoors more because he is marking.

New arrival loki the staffie is trying to play with his older fursister Tinkerbell who has never been great with other dogs. Only time and patience will sort their relationship out and it is getting better.

The 2 larger dogs have started fighting and have now been separated for a couple of weeks. They were sterilised after coming on heat twice and the male was also sterilised later which started the problems. We fitted them with muzzles and they have work to do and we will get back together in 2 weeks to reintroduce them.

Second session with Hatchi who is in the habit of humping dogs he meets in excitement.

Coco is showing signs of irritation with new baby who has started crawling around. Gentle giant but a fear barker Poseiden the Saint Bernard can be scary if you meet him. He is very anxious and has learnt that barking at someone makes them disappear. I am seeing a lot of these cases which sometimes leads to dogs biting if they are pushed into scary situations. Next session will be to walk him calmly.

Gorgeous newly rescued Starke suffers from separation anxiety which is making him destructive. Luckily his mum loves him and is prepared to put in the effort and be patient with him.

What an adorable pair of rescues these are. Doug the border collie x is a little dominant with certain other dogs mainly in "his" park which he becomes territorial in.

Xena is a greyhound x who is jumping up at people and getting a bit hyper with the 1 car.

Complaints from a neighbour that the dogs are barking. Border collie Nina needs more exercise. Fighting has started between mum Sadie and daughter Meisie.Very hard when it is 2 bitches fighting.
Awesome Oban is suffering from separation anxiety and being very destructive. I saw him a week ago and he is quite happy to be alone now.

8 year old rescue Bella. What an awesome dog to work with. We did some leash walking and just general behaviour. Her new furbrother is slowly getting used to her. She had her first beach walk over the weekend and loved it.

Second session with Hugo and Margie. Wow what a difference in Hugo the Ridgeback.

Brady is quite a fearful retriever and barks at guests when they arrive. He also doesn't like bikes and anything on wheels. These 3 Jack Russels are barking but not excessively. Just a complaining neighbour.
New arrival rescue Daxie is such a good girl but her brother has a couple of issues.

Sundu is a barker. Luckily she has a clever mum who crate trained her when she was a puppy.

What a gorgeous family of furkids. And all rescues which happens to be my favourite breed.

Chace and Skye are barking and jumping up at people. We got them walking nicely. Azzuro suffers from separation anxiety and is managing to escape from her property.
House training 3 year old Cesar as he missed out on this as a puppy.

Ruby is a very anxious fearful girl who her mother said was scared of everything including flies. We had a great session and already feedback from her mum has been very positive with Ruby loving her walks and not barking fearfully at everyone.

Complaints from neighbour and being destructive caused by separation anxiety. Also pulling on the leads.

Charlie and Mila are very well behaved furkids but Charlie is very reactive at the gate and there have been complaints from a neighbour. Gorgeous rescues (which are my favourite breed) Max and Milo are pulling on their leads and barking at other dogs on walks. Also barking at the gate at home.
As cute and as little as Joey the yorkie is he wants to bite the domestic worker. He is quite an anxious little boy. The other yorkie Whiskey is toileting on the furniture.

New rescues Ewok and Evita are having a bit of sibling rivalry and Ewok is pulling on the lead.

8 month old and unsterilised Milo has started to become dog aggressive.  He is going to be sterilised in the next couple of days .

.Gorgeous Eddie the Wolf hound is not good on the lead and also no recall. He was walking beautifully on a halti at end of session.

The one neighbour is complaining about the dogs barking.  They didn't make a peep throughout our session. 

New arrival rescue needs to learn to get on with the 3 resident cats and 1 dog. Also toilet training and a bit of recall. Percy is really a very clever boy and picked things up very quickly.

Since the arrival of new foster dog the dynamics have changed. Also Rosie has become slightly dog aggressive so needs to be muzzled on walks. Also jumping up at people.

Over the past 8 years I have done a few sessions with this awesome family introducing new dogs into the mix. This session was to introduce rescue Gsd to new puppy who he had been aggressive with when he first met her. The session was a long one as I didn't want to leave until everyone was completely settled.

As gorgeous as Rufus is he doesn't like people in his face as he is an anxious dog.

Smudge the bulk Terrier is pulling on a lead and barking hysterically at other dogs. Her friend Misty is pulling on a lead. Also Seperation Anxiety.

.Tiger the male Maltese is marking in the house and both of them are barking at the domestic lady when mums at home

New arrival Bruno the Daxie x is suffering from Seperation Anxiety and is destructive when the humans aren't home.




"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." Edward Hoagland


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