...... integration achieved... another happy client. Debbie G




I have 2 gorgeous rescues (Mummy's point of view). Suzy is extremely mistrusting and it is clear that she had endured some trauma prior to being rescued. Her difficulty was walking on a lead. Sabre the runt, my baby, was adopted a year later. Driving with her in the car, was an absolute nightmare. Sabre would bark at anything that moved outside the vehicle. She went even more crazy at a stop street especially as vendors would approach the car, so taking leisurely drives to different “doggy joints” was impossible. After just one appointment with Bernice Jaffe, Sabre became the best – behaved car traveller there is and Suzy is walking on a lead as if she was born with all the social grace and etiquette of the royalty family. Both pooches trusted Berenice immediately and I was amazed at how effective just one session with her was. If you are feeling like a distraught parent because of so called “unmanageable behaviours” of your beloved pet; remember that you can get help. Bernice Jaffe is a miracle. Our own “dog whisperer” just on our doorsteps. Thank you Pam Govender




I had the great good fortune of being referred to Bernice Jaffe when I was facing a triple whammy: An over-zealous Doberman bitch who kept jumping up on me and anybody who visited no matter how much I shouted at her, a new Doberman male from a troubled background who was so starved for love that he couldn’t leave me alone, pawing me and hurting me when all he wanted was attention – and, thirdly, the fact that these two were snapping at each other and getting unpredictably aggressive in ways that made me extremely uncomfortable. Enter The Dog Whisperer. Gentle, wise, great energy, a clearly demonstrated love for my dogs whom she had only just met, and a no-nonsense approach to the problem that left me laughing with sheer delight. Within two hours my dogs were neither jumping nor needy, and somewhere in this odyssey, they decided to become friends. Before Bernice had even walked off the property! Oh, and they’re no longer grabbing food off the table at dinnertime. I cannot recommend this marvelous woman and the work she does highly enough. – Brent Burgoyne, Hout Bay




A HUGE thank you to Bernice Jaffe for helping us  help Boris to be more confident. It was absolutely amazing to see her in action …and seeing how naturally Boris responded to her. We had to issues with our 3 year old Staffie …one he refused to jump into any vehicle?  We had to physically pick him up each time - and two, he had a nasty habit of jumping up against people when they came to visit. In less than an hour she had attended to both these issues and as of that moment we have not had any problems. Unbelievable!!! I recommend her to ANYONE who has any problems/issues with their pets …she is truly the Cesar Millan of Cape Town.

THANK YOU!!! Chris, Collette & Boris Kleyn, Kenridge



Hello Bernice,

It's been some time since you visited our home, when we had the little problem. Things are going well and all three "kids" are playing well and enjoying each other. Dynamics, whom I was worried about - usually ends up first at Theo's bedside when he wake up crying and these two play for ever and ever and a day - so much energy. Dogmatix often plays with - but he is more one for watching people and dogs pass the gate.

Here is a few photos I think you will enjoy - it was taken in the past few days. Thank you, Andre, Willa, Theo, Dogmatix and Dynamics Truter



If you are ever in need of an animal behaviourist, the person to see is Bernice Jaffe. We contacted Bernice with concerns about one of our dogs, who was displaying what we thought was aggressive behaviour on our family walks. As it turns out, there was so much more to learn about both our dogs, and that we were the ones who required some training! Bernice you have been amazing. We are so impressed with the results of the simple techniques that you have taught us, and we continue to use these with great success both at home and on our walks. You are passionate about helping people better understand their pets and we appreciate your extensive knowledge and continuous support and feedback. We highly recommend your services. Jenny and Janusz




I recently adopted a rescue dog from Animal Welfare. She is a cross Husky, Alsatian etc and was confiscated with a male and her puppies, having been abused and chained for all of her young life. She had been in the kennels for 6 months.

Within a few weeks, Sophia’s untamed nature began to emerge. Hugely energetic she was soon asserting herself, running wild, greeting people enthusiastically, constantly nagging my older dogs – whose lives had been turned upside down, and beginning to show signs of aggression to dogs on our daily forest walks. After a few sleepless nights, moments of total frustration and feeling completely out of my depth, I contacted Bernice.

There was an immediate change in the energies at home after our two hour session. I felt more informed and better equipped to cope, and the rattle snake was serving its purpose well as a deterrent. I no longer responded to Sophia’s initiatives for affection but reinforced her calm behaviour, walked through the door first and rattled the snake as soon as I saw her crouching ready to pounce on other dogs. I also followed the food routine suggested. A month has passed and we haven’t had another incident with dogs on walks, our food routine is a pleasure, Sophia is better on the lead and is far calmer. We still have a way to go – but I am confident that we will get there. All the forest regulars have followed and commented favourably on our progress. I have begun to see Sophia as my teacher for her behaviour seems to mirror what I am feeling. My goal is to be calm, assertive and a balanced ‘top dog”. Thank you so much Bernice for showing me the way.

Lorraine Forbes




I am the owner of 4 dogs, 2 of which are recent additions to my family and when they came along my older bitch became increasingly aggressive towards the newer one. This got so bad that I had to keep them all separated and I even got bitten myself. I couldn't cope and the problems were incredibly stressful. Upon doing a bit of research, Bernice Jaffe's name and business card came up repeatedly and it seemed that she would be my best bet.


Bernice came to help and immediately her deep understanding of animal behaviour was apparent, within a few minutes any aggressive behaviour was neutralised and she showed me how to deal with it in future. However, this is not where she stopped helping me, it took her only a short visit to recognise that I was having problems being a responsible dog owner; they had me under their control instead of the other way around.


In short Bernice didn't just fix the problem, she gave me the tools and the means to empower me as a pack leader instead of just a dog owner, and for this I think that her short time spent with my dogs was worth far more than the fee she charged.
And her help doesn't stop there, Bernice encouraged me to keep her informed of how my dogs were doing, and actively sought to inquire on a regular basis, and even months later. With her help my home has never been more peaceful, my dogs have never been so attentive and cooperative and the best part is that they thrive on it.


I would recommend Bernice to any pet owner who feels they are not coping with their dogs, whether aggressive or not, she understands not only their behaviours, but also how our behaviour as pet owners influences them.


- Shashi Behari, pack leader




Hi Bernice

Thank you for the help with my dog, Oliver.  I got him from the SPCA in December 2009.  He is a lovely dog but was aggressive towards other dogs.
I first had someone else who tried to help us with the problem.  We got nowhere.  I then saw your business card at my vet.

We had a session and his behaviour already changed a bit.  When Oliver and I joined you for socialising classes he was much, much better.  I took him
to the park on my own and he still acted up.  After a few more socialising sessions I was able to take him into the park without a lead and he was much
better.  I also think that I was the one who really needed the training!

I have also changed his diet to what you recommended. There is a marked change in Oliver since we put them on the new diet.  He is so much calmer. He used to scratch a lot, now he doesn't scratch as all.  He was never able to just lie down and relax, which he does now.

Hennie Hugo




Dear Bernice,

Thank you so much for helping us with our problems with our Yorkies Susi and Teddy.  We really appreciate the afternoon spent at our home and for your professional advice.  Teddy and Susi have both become much calmer and lovable.  It is such a pleasure to have dinner at night without Susi barking constantly and for both dogs not to jump up at our guests on arrival.  It is so nice that we no longer have to lock them away when piano teacher comes.  There is no more shouting in our house.

We can highly recomend you.

Thank you so much.

Sybille, Hugo, Carla and Julia



"If dogs could talk it would take a lot of the fun out of owning one." Andy Rooney


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